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of electrical insulating
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Dielektrik LLC - development and production of electrical insulating materials and insulation systems

Dielektrik LLC is a modern dynamically developing company specializing in the development and production of electrical insulating materials and insulation systems for the widest range of electrical machines, including turbo and hydrogenerators, high-voltage electrical machines, traction electric motors of direct and alternating current, asynchronous motors with variable frequency drive, low voltage electrical machines, cable industry and other industries.

since 1989
of the year
High quality products

The introduction of new developments

Search for new solutions

Reliable insulation systems


Experience of leading world companies

The product range of Dielektrik LLC includes:

  • fiber glass mounts for insulation systems manufactured using VPI and Resin-Rich technologies;
  • composite materials based on mica, polymer films, polyester and aramid papers;
  • pressed and molding insulating materials for the manufacture of parts;
  • banding tapes and auxiliary materials for insulation systems;
  • electrical insulation impregnating compositions (resins, compounds);
  • electrical insulating enamel, mastic and putty filler for filling;
  • finished parts and products for electric machines (collector cuffs, gaskets from collector mica, etc.).

We are open to cooperation and are ready to solve the most difficult tasks.
A feature of our company is the constant search for new solutions and new production technologies, which allow to produce high-quality electrical insulating materials at reasonable prices.

Great importance for our company is working with consumers.
We carefully study and analyze the needs of our customers and try to help them in finding the best solutions. We provide full technical support to our customers. If necessary, consultations and joint work are carried out to introduce new electrical insulating materials and insulation systems in enterprises.

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