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About company

The company "Dielektrik" is a dynamically developing enterprise, founded in 1989, is one of the leaders among the manufacturers of electrical insulating materials in Russia.

Leading experts of the company for over forty years have been working on the development and production of electrical insulating materials and have state awards, patents and copyright certificates for the development and introduction of new electrical insulating materials into production. The results of the company are constantly presented at domestic and international exhibitions and conferences, published in scientific and technical publications. The company is actively engaged in innovation, constantly introducing the latest technology, using the experience of leading global companies. The company offers consumers unique materials that are developed with the consideration of the possibility of creating the optimal variant of the insulation system. All developments are carried out in collaboration with leading domestic and foreign research and development organizations and are being tested by consumers.

The main advantages of dielectric insulation systems:

  • high dielectric properties and low dielectric losses, including at elevated temperatures
  • high thermal conductivity of materials, ensuring good heat removal from the conductor
  • solidity of the insulation system, and, as a result, resistance to mechanical loads and aggressive factors
  • resistance to partial discharges at different temperatures
  • safety in use

Innovative developments of specialists of the company are carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of standards, ranging from exploratory research and ending with the release of products. The quality control of products is carried out at all stages of production, from the purchase of raw materials to the testing of finished products. The quality management system is certified for compliance with ISO 9001 and IRIS standards. Testing laboratory of the company "Dielektrik" is accredited by Gosstandart of Russia.

In addition to testing finished products and raw materials, comparative studies of the properties of insulating materials under various conditions are constantly conducted in the laboratory, which allows us to achieve maximum efficiency in their use.

The basic principle of the company "Dielektrik" - openness to cooperation for partners and consumers and the willingness to solve their tasks. Specialists of the company carefully study and analyze the problems of customers, if necessary, conduct consultations and joint work on the development and implementation of new electrical insulating materials and insulation systems in enterprises and industries.