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Tapes for fire resistante cables and winding wires

Fire-resistant mica tapes:

Intended for creation of an electro-thermal barrier in the design of the fireproof cables operating in the conditions of open fire and high temperatures. These tapes contain silicone resin which in combination of mica paper can withstand very high temperatures (above 800°C) in a case of fire.

Name Composition Long-term heat resistance class Thickness, mm
LSK-T Glass cloth/ Mica C 0,12-0,14
LSK-TT Glass cloth/ Mica/ Glass cloth C 0,17-0,26

MIKASIL tapes for Corona-resistant insulation:

Intended for creation of corona-resistant insulation of single conductors and insulation systems of high-voltage and low-voltage electrical machines. Characterized by the increased partial discharge inception voltage (PDIV) and resistance to impact of discharges.

Name Composition Thermal class Thickness range, mm
Micasil Glass cloth/ Mica C 0,07-0,14
Mikaterm 451 PEN-film / Mica H 0,06
Mikaterm 452 PI-film / Mica C 0,06

Semi-conductive tapes:

Intended for application in the design of high-voltage cables with the operating voltage up to 110 kV and high-voltage electrical machines for corona protection.

Name Composition Thermal class Surface resistivity, Ohm Thickness range, mm
PPL-1 Glass cloth + conductive silicone binder C 1,0·103-5,0·105 0,04-0,13
PPL-2 Glass cloth + conductive silicone binder C 6,0·105-9,0·106 0,04-0,13
PPL-3 Glass cloth + conductive silicone binder C 1,0·107-9,0·109 0,04-0,13

Silicone tape:

Intended for application as an electro-thermal barrier between separate conductors of cable items.

Name Long-term heat resistance class Composition Thickness, mm Surface density, g/m2 Volatiles content, max %
LSi-T-(N) C Glass cloth impregnated by silicone resin 0,13 100 22±5